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Raised in the Pacific Northwest and settled in California - a Best Coast native through and through.


I spent a dreamy (and wet) childhood wandering through fern-carpeted forests in search of newts, banana slugs, and the occasional cool stick/lightsaber/fairy wand/slug-poking apparatus. During my teen years, I went gallivanting around western Europe, exploring everything from bustling cities to sleepy countrysides, before moving to San Francisco for college.

Out in the world, I’m bright-eyed and curious, seeking out new and stimulating experiences. I keep active by hiking redwood trails and refining my lines in ballet class. I enjoy dragging my friends to museum exhibits during the day... and then to strip clubs late at night. When the opportunity arises, I love sailing, scuba diving, art & food festivals, geeky conventions, and traveling to just about anywhere.

In the comfort of home, I’m laid-back and lounging, recharging my batteries in my apartment sanctuary. At any given point, I’m probably fawning over my handsome cat sons, trying to revive my wilting houseplants, doodling colorful messes in Procreate, or slowly chipping away at a mountain of sci-fi books.

Personality-wise, you’ll find me playful, clever, open-minded, authentic, and warm. I’m a vibrant conversationalist and an empathetic listener with a knack for making others feel comfortable. At my core, I care deeply for humanity and want my presence and actions to improve the lives of those around me.

This philosophy brings me to you: open, giving, and happy to be in your company. xo

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