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"What kind of experience do you offer?"

I offer a playful and affectionate “friends-with-benefits” experience with room for exploration as we build trust. I don’t offer a menu of services; I much prefer to let things unfold in an organic, unscripted way. Each date we share will be uniquely its own. Trust that I’m attuned to your enjoyment, and know that generosity begets generosity ;)

"Do you have any reviews?"

I hope the fuck not! While I understand the function of reviews for others, I have a staunch no-review policy for myself. I believe that my Twitter presence, hand-designed website, and overall longevity as a companion provide plenty proof of my legitimacy and commitment to my craft.


"How should I prepare for our date?"


Once our date has been scheduled, my assistant will send you a comprehensive list of how/what to prepare (optional: my recommendations for restaurants and date activities!)

If you're the planning type, you can start by lining up your cash payment (large bills preferred) and a rapid COVID test for the day-of. More info about my COVID boundaries can be found on my Policy page.

"Do you take outfit requests?"

I don't take requests, but I do appreciate suggestions on the basis of weather (cold night; bring a coat), practicality (bit of a walk; wear flat shoes), discretion (nosey neighbors; dress casually), or occasion (nice restaurant; dress up!).

Beyond that, I feel the sexiest in my own styling and can’t guarantee specific clothing items, colors, hemlines, or designers. If you really and truly need to play dress-up, take me shopping or purchase a gift from my wishlist!

"How about doubles/duo partners?"


I have a few professional playmates in the Bay Area, and I’m hoping to collect more in NYC and DC. If our first date is a success, I’d be happy to discuss a future duo date with any or all of them! I’m a proponent of rate matching and will ask that both of us be paid the highest of our respective rates.

"Do you ever plan on visiting [city]?"

The only cities I regularly tour are NYC and DC, along with their close neighbors - Jersey City and Tyson's Corner, for example. Detailed touring info is available on my Dates page.

If you live prohibitively far away from both metropolitan areas, or if you want to meet up somewhere special for a shared getaway… fly me to you! Travel exhilarates me, and I'm game for any adventure.

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